How to Pay Your Balance and Set Up Direct Deposit

How to pay your balance

1. Go to the TCAT Website

2. Click on quick links

3. Under Student, click on MyTCAT Portal

4. Enter in you (Example-

5. Enter in password or default password

6. Click on “My Account”

7. Click on “Pay My Bill”

8. Click on “Make Payment”

9. Enter in payment amount in the empty box

10. Enter in your card information and address

11. Review and Submit

DEFAULT PASSWORD- TBR-Welcome,first initial of your first name, birthday month, birthday, and first initial of your last name!

Example- TBR-Welcomed1215s!

You will receive a payment confirmation on your school email.

Please use a computer and not a phone to make a payment--(if you are using a phone).

Paying on the phone does not work too well.

Also try turning off your computer and turn it back on. Sometimes rebooting the computer helps.

Steps to sign up for direct deposits:

1. Log in to using your S-Number and your password

2. Select the My Account tab on the left

3. Select the Direct Deposit icon

4. Select Update Direct Deposit Information.

5. Enter your banking information:

a. Routing Number, Accounting Number, Type of Account ( checking/ savings).

6. Place a check mark in the “Accounts Payable Deposit” checkbox.

7. Select Save.

a. You will receive an email confirming that changes have been made to your account.