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Safety and Security

Annual Security Report

Health and Safety Plan 2024

Facilties Operation and Maintenance Plan 2024


Safety Policy

Training programs must be conducted under maximum safety conditions for all personnel. Safety instructions will be given during every course, and each student must pass tests to determine comprehension of these instructions. Safety glasses and goggles must be worn in all  shops.  After complete instructions have been given, any safety violation may result in suspension or expulsion from the College.

Each individual is considered to be personally responsible for fire prevention and careful compliance with safety regulations is required to prevent fires. Emergency drills (i.e., fire, tornado, etc.) are conducted periodically to keep all College personnel alert and responsive in case of emergency and to provide frequent testing and proper use of all emergency equipment.

Emergency Procedures

Each institutional department and program has a copy of the TCATN Emergency Response Plan. The plan is easily recognizable in a red binder and is located in a centralized area for faculty, staff, and student access.

The following items are included in that handbook:

  • Emergency Response Plans Command Center
  • Building Captains Code Index and Plans
  • Floor Plans, Evacuation Routes, and Safe Places Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Pandemic / Emergency Plan
  • Freeze Protection and Loss Prevention of State Buildings